Candied Stones ~ Andrea Nones, Brigitte Lochhead, Zara Kuredjian

Opening November 16th ~ 6 pm - 9 pm

Coquit Gallery is excited to present the work of Andrea Nones, Brigitte Lochhead, and Zara Kuredjian in its inaugural exhibition Candied Stones. This exhibition focuses on works which take the material elements of a given medium as means to confront issues of memory, time and decay. Nones’ works draw from a history of baking and pastry production using edible materials like sugar and flour to create ephemeral architectural and sculptural works that undermine the idea of solidity or a final form. For Lochhead the tie between material and memory is key, specifically the potential evocative qualities of matter that allow it to become a vehicle for history, without a direct tie to narrative. Focusing on trace, time, and the idea of the void, Kuredjian’s work uses materials specifically for their connotative and material properties to access fundamental issues and questions surrounding the notions of experience, place and matter.